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Una miseria temporal Espacio Aglutinador
A Temporary Misery Espacio Aglutinador - opening
Independent exhibition, parallel to the 6th Biennial of Havana, May, 1997
Artists and works (all from 1997):

Eduardo Aparicio
From the serie: Male couples
4 color-photographs, 50 x 60 cm

Sandra Ceballos
I´ll stop eating

There are too many mirrors here now

Ernesto Leal
Chencho: parcial thinking

Ezequiel Suárez
Pajar (To the last)
The Espacio Aglutinador, which roughly translated means the »melting pot«, was founded in 1995 by artists Sandra Ceballos and Ezequiel Suarez, in their tiny apartment. Every young artist I know in Cuba agrees that this gallery has changed Havana's cultural landscape by exhibiting the works of artists who were ignored by state organizations. Sandra Ceballos explains that their goal was to lessen the state's hold on culture.

»...it was precisely a mix of artists. We were against dividing artists by generations, we were against the dividing art by gender, we were against all censorship, we were against artists being marginalized, and so 'agglutinator' brought all this together, and worked during this time...«

(from a radio program by Coco Fusco)
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