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Antonio Eligio Fernández

Born in 1958 in Havana.
Freelance artist and critic.
Antonio Eligio Fernández (Tonel)
Second Self-portrait as Organic Intellectual (A Further Hommage à Gramsci)

May 1997,
Ludwig-Foundation in Cuba
The work centers around current conflicts of an intellectual and artist in general, and in Cuba in particular. The reference to the Italian Communist, labor leader and theorist Antonio Gramsci (1891 - 1937) serves as an ironic framework for analyzing the discrepancies between the aspirations and realities of social and artistic utopias.
In the garage of the Ludwig-Foundation, Tonel built a cell which is meant to represent the one in which Gramsci compiled his famous notebooks (theoretical studies) during his ten-year imprisonment. Antonio Eligio Fernández (Tonel)
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