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If the calm and clear-sculptural stands for the fixed and statical, the events of sound, images, word and dance bring in movement and rythm.

artist statement

curatorial text
En algún lugar
Choreography and realization: Leticia Alvarado
in coordination with Urs Jaeggi
15 August, at noon

Three Poets - Three Languages
Jennifer Clement, Urs Jaeggi, Victor Manuel Mendiola
22 August, at noon

El loro Hora
Theater in Spiral
Margarita González Arredondo, Jorge Corona, Rubén Velázquez
29 August, at noon

Open Dialog with Urs Jaeggi
5 September, at noon

El ojo
Texts by Urs Jaeggi in Spanish Translations
Leticia Huijara, Hebe Rosell
12 September, at noon

Finisage: Snake and Word
Common action with students of the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado La Esmeralda

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