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I would like to thank the Museum for everything.
I received tireless help in preparing and building the installation from David Phelps, curator of exhibits, and from Tom Katsimpalis, who as museum spokesperson, musician, poet, and painter contributed critical advice from the beginning. My thanks also to Susan Ison who administered the exhibit in a most un-bureaucratic way. I owe heart-felt thanks especially to Dr. Irmgard Hunt, Professor of Germanics at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, who published a work biography on my literary oevre in 1993, and who found the place for the installation. She has also provided the text translations. Sincere thanks to Hanna Widrig, Cultural Counselor at the Swiss Embassy in Washington D.C., who spent important years in Berlin (1992-1998), promoting and struggling for young Swiss artists, and who knew how to bring me, the Swiss of many years abroad, closer to my original culture once again. Her opening of this exhibit was a pleasure for me. I would like to thank Pro Helvetia, Zurich, for partial financial support of the installation, and the team Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt of Universes-in-Universe for their work in establishing the website.

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