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Tunga: Interview
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I'm in the middle of preparations for my exhibition in New York, a sort-of retrospective on my last 20 years. That frightened me at first, since I'm only in my mid-40's now. But this kind of overview actually corresponds to my entire vision, because I see my work more as a program in which one piece supports a further one. An old piece is seen differently through a newer one.

That is, I think, also an idea which is part of Catherine David's concept. She shows these historical exhibitions, which unfortunately are trapped in the German museal structure which doesn't allow, for example, people to touch the works by Lygia Clark or Hélio Oiticica, something that is part of the works' originality. Nevertheless, she shows that the paradigm of contemporary art no longer stems from a critique of the Modern, as was the case with Postmodernism. Instead, what is occurring now is a new and positive way of seeing the potential of Modernity, allowing for new possibilities.The exhibition may not be as strong on the visual level, but it indicates a very clear intellectual direction. When dealing with Lygia Clark, Oiticica, Matta Clark, Baumgarten and others, the exhibition marks an attitude toward the program of Modernity.This serves to put it into perspective, and not simply to criticize it or to muddy the style with the technological capabilities of computers. It re-thinks the discontinuity of the world in the context of a new reality which is no longer that of only Europe and North America. It is something much more encompassing, by which I don't mean globalisation. This is what appears to me, from the small part of the documenta that I have seen, to be very positive and to correspond with my own convictions.  [End]
Tunga: Performance
Tunga: Performance
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