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Hélio Oiticica  (2)
Hélio Oiticica: Bólides Bólides, 1963-67
Hélio Oiticica: Bólides
Oiticica divides his work into different categories: »bólide«; »penetravel« and »parangolé«. Guy Brett, who has contributed most toward the understanding of the artist, explains that the works are connected through the meaning of the Portuguese word »»bólide««: fireball, nucleus, glowing meteor. For Oiticica, these expressions are very important in bringing the chaos of reality into order. The expressions are not to be taken literally, but in the sense of energy centers which draw people spiritually and physically - like fire, as stated once by the artist. In »bólides« there are glass jars filled with earth, gauze, and other materials, as well as boxes with unusual openings, painted yellow, salmon-red, pink or red. These works had essential points in common with Minimal Art, which was emerging at the same time in other countries.

(From: Edward J. Sullivan, Lateinamerikanische Künstler des 20. Jahrhunderts. In: Lateinamerikanische Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert, Catalog for the exhibition of the same name in Cologne. Prestel-Verlag, Munich 1993)
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