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Wang Jianwei

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Video installation at the Kulturbahnhof

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Born in 1958 in Suining, Sichuan Province, China. Lives in Beijing.
Biography  (As of 1997)
1983 - 1985 Chengdu Painting Institute; Chengdu
1985 - 1987 Postgraduate at the Oil Painting Departement; Zhejiang, Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou (present: China Academy of Fine Arts)
Solo Exhibitions:
1991 Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong (c)
Cultural Palace of China´s Ethnic Minorities, Beijing

1993 Incident - Process, State; Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong (c)
1993 - 1994 Circulation : Sowing and Harvesting; Wenjiang Country, Sichuan Province (c)
Group Exhibitons:
1984 Sixth National Art Exhibition; Gold Award Winner, China Art Gallery, Beijing
1987 Beyond the Open Door; Asai Pacific Museum, Pasadena, Ca., United States (c); First Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition; Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai; Tour Exhibition of Chinese Oil Paintings, Japan
1988 Artists of Beijing Painting Institute; China Art Gallery, Beijing; Second Oil Painting Exhibiton of International Art Palace; China Art Gallery, Beijing
1990 Third Euro-Asian Art Exhibition; Ankara, Turkey (c)
1993 China´s New Art, Post 1989; Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong (c); New Art from China, Post 1989; Marlborough Fine Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom (c); Mao Goes Pop, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
1994 ´94 Beijing International COM-Art: China, Korea and Japan; Gallery of Capital Normal University, Beijing; Operation, part of the printed media exhibiton Chinese Contemporary Artists´ Agenda 1994
1995 New Asian Art - 1995; Kilin Plaza, Osaka; The Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo, Japan (c)

1st. Kwangju Biennial: INFO-Art; City Museum, Kwangju, South Korea (c)

1996 The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art; Brisbane, Australia (c); The First Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art; Gallery of Capital Normal University, Beijing (c)
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