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52nd Venice Biennale
10 June - 21 November 2007

Venice / 2007 / Tour / Roma Pavilion

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Gabi Jimenez



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Several works, acrylic on canvas

There are things we see, notice, remember - and there are things we don't want to see. The Roma are frightening. Who are they? Where do they come from? What are they doing? "I try to relate scenes of life in pictures, the moments of joy, the places we have borrowed for this while, the painful memories that still haunt."

All our memories are colourful. All my paintings, graphics, illustrations are coded, by necessity, in colour. Becoming independent of its material, my work concentrates entirely on the meaning, and the message that derives from it. A bit like in the stained glass windows of churches, only without the regulation. The cloisonné and the contours that curb the colours; the will to do without aesthetic devices that are completely meaningless; the desire to get as close to the essence as possible - these are the things that animate all my visual and artistic intentions. As in flamenco. Because I am flamenco. "Y que tengo sangre de Rey en la palma de la mano."

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* 1964 Paris, France. Lives in Marines (Val-d'Oise), France.

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Venice / 2007 / Tour / Roma Pavilion