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52nd Venice Biennale
10 June - 21 November 2007

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China - Hong Kong

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Calle della Tana
Castello 2126
(Right in front of the main access to the exhibition halls of the Arsenale)



Amy Cheung
* 1973 Hong Kong, China; lives there.

MAP Office
Laurent Gutierrez: * 1966 Casablanca, Morocco.
Valérie Portefaix: * 1969 Saint-Etienne, France.
Since 1996 in Hong Kong, China.

Hiram To
* 1964 Hong Kong, China; lives there.

Curator: Norman Ford

About the theme of the exhibition one can read in the press release:
"STAR FAIRY asks: How does Hong Kong show itself to the world? What sorts of strategies does it use to say 'This is Hong Kong,' when showing ads, tourist promotion, cinema, design and so on? STAR FAIRY offers some playful and engaging responses to these questions."

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Concept, biographies, images, contact, etc.

Hong Kong Arts Development Council


Hong Kong - Venice Biennial 2005
anothermountainman, Chan Yuk-keung

Hong Kong - Venice Biennial 2003
navigating the dot, exhibition at the same venue like in 2007

Hong Kong - Venice Biennial 2001
Ho Siu-kee, Leung Chi-wo, Ellen Pau

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MAP Office, pavilion's courtyard

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Hiram To


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Amy Cheung


Venice / 2007 / Tour / City Map