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50th Venice Biennial, International Art Exhibition

Dreams and Conflicts - The Viewer's Dictatorship
(Sogni e Conflitti - La dittatura dello spettatore)

The Biennale di Venezia presents the 50th International Art Exhibition directed by Francesco Bonami.

The Biennale di Venezia's 50th International Art Exhibition this year presents itself as an "exhibition of exhibitions", laid out in the various spaces within the Arsenale and in the Giardini della Biennale, including the national participations in the Giardini pavilions, as well as in other locations in the heart of Venice and elsewhere again.

Director Francesco Bonami wished his project to make the best use of the singleness of the Biennale di Venezia's exhibition structure in order to put together a major international survey that, like a "map", would comprise different areas (like islands in an archipelago), each with its own identity and independence.

The viewer-reader of this map will thus be able to explore the single artistic individualities and build up a personal itinerary through the various trends or specific realities of contemporary art.

Statement by Francesco Bonami, artistic director:

If the idea of the large international survey has always been conceived as a whole concept to be fragmented into the visions of the individuals artists, "Dreams and Conflicts" wants art from the autonomy of the different projects to seek in this complexity of ideas the unity that defines the language of contemporary art today.

In the contemporary society the viewers with their presence and absence controls the success of every exhibition and cultural enterprise; in "Dreams and Conflicts" they appear as one of the subjects that contribute to define the structure of the show, the artist, the curator, the viewer.

Along with the artist, the beholder is one of the poles that connecting produce the spark that activate the art work successfully in the social and cultural context.

The dream and the conflict, the total world opposed to its political and geographical fragmentation, the national aspirations in contrast with the international achievements are all elements that will contribute to the making of the Visual Arts Biennale.

"Dreams and Conflicts" will be an exhibition focused at the same time on art as a personal tool of a personal experience and conviviality. A show through which is possible to have access to the complexity of a world made by groups of individuals defined by multiple and diverse necessities. An exhibition constructed with multiple projects to test the strength of that ideal community where the creative process of the contemporary artist is active. Dreams and Conflicts will not be a show about political art but a reflection on the politics of art. The experience of the viewer facing the unique vision of the artist. Two contemporary subjects divided simply by a different gaze.

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