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50th Venice Biennale
15 June - 2 November 2003

Venice / 2003 / Report / Pavilions

Latin America

Tomás Ochoa

Tomás Ochoa

Brooke Alfaro

Brooke Alfaro

Gilda Mantilla

Gilda Mantilla

Convento dei Santi
Cosma e Damiano,
Giudecca Island,
see the map

Istituto Italo-Latinoamericano (IILA)

Commissioner, curator: Irma Arestizábal

Vice-Commissioner: Alessandra Bonanni

13 artists

Marcos Lora Read

Marcos Lora Read

María Fernanda Cardoso

María F. Cardoso

Charly Nijensohn

Charly Nijensohn

Eugenia Vargas

Eugenia Vargas



For many years, the Rome-based Instituto Italo-Latino Americano (IILA) has organized a separate pavilion to provide a presence at the Venice Biennial for Latin American countries which are members of the institute, and do not have their own presentation.

Whereas the last one (2001) was far away in Treviso, under highly unfavorable conditions (see our report), it has now moved nearer to the actual event.

In addition to the commissioner for the exhibition as a whole, most of the countries have a curator responsible solely for them.

Artists (by countries):

Argentina: Charly Nijensohn

Chile: Eugenia Vargas

Colombia: María Fernanda Cardoso

Costa Rica: Marisel Jiménez Rittner, Rossella Matamoros, Joaquín Rodríguez del Paso

Dominican Republic: Marcos Lora Read

Ecuador: Tomás Ochoa

El Salvador: Muriel H. Hasbún

Panama: Brooke Alfaro, Victoria Suescum

Peru: Fernando Bryce, Gilda Mantilla


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