Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art

50th Venice Biennale
15 June - 2 November 2003


Venice Biennial
50th International Art Exhibition

Biennial Report 

ca. 80 artists

Artistic director Francesco Bonami presents the International Show of the 50th Venice Biennial under the main theme "Dreams and Conflicts - The Viewer's Dictatorship", as an "exhibition of exhibitions". Ten projects at the Arsenale and at the Giardini have been conceived by different curators, including two by Bonami himself (see the list).

Together with the official presentations by countries and institutions as well as numerous special exhibitions and projects, they are to be perceived as "islands" of a complex "archipelago", which the visitors explore like a "global map".

Has it ever been any different in Venice? Certainly, in view of the mass of art at this biennial, it has never been this necessary to simply ignore large parts of the "archipelago" as the first act of the "viewer's dictatorship", so to speak.

Corresponding to the focus of our project "Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art", we have concentrated our tour on the presence of art from Africa, Asia and Latin America, which this time was represented more amply than ever before. More on this in our Biennial Report >>

15 June -
2 November 2003

Artistic Director: Francesco Bonami

11 curators -
see exhibitions

Biennial Report

First photo tour

Venice, Arsenale, Giardini

Dates and facts

Main theme
Statement by F. Bonami about "Dreams and Conflicts - The Viewer's Dictatorship"

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