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49th Venice Biennale
10 June - 4 November 2001

Venice / 2001 / Plateau

Italian Pavilion, Giardini di Castello
Entrance Giardini di Castello

In 1895 thanks the to the initiative of the mayor of Venice, Riccardo Selvatico, the first international art exhibition took place in the Giardini di Castello. This exhibition later became the Venice Biennale. For this event, the hosts built the Pro Arte Pavilion and the Italian Pavilion.

During this 49th Biennale, the Italian Pavilion is reserved for the »Plateau of Humankind« exhibition.


We show works by:

Do-Ho Suh
Xu Zhen
Yishai Jusidman
Manuel Ocampo
Federico Herrero

The Platform of Thought



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