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Sharjah Biennial
United Arab Emirates



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Sharjah Biennial
United Arab Emirates

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Sharjah: city and exhibition venues

Exhibition venues,
city map

Sharjah: exhibition venues, city map


Sharjah is the third largest of the 7 constituent emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It rates as the cultural centre of the Federation. In 1998, Sharjah was UNESCO cultural capital of the Arab World.

Since 1993, the Department of Culture and Information of the Emirate of Sharjah has hosted the international Art Biennial in the city of that same name. The aim is to encourage contacts between artists, and art institutions and organizations of the Arab countries and to promote exchange with art scenes in other parts of the world. This accounts for a high proportion of Arab artists in all previous editions.

The declared goal of the organizers of the 6th Biennial 2003 was to introduce a "new era for contemporary art in the Gulf". You may find further details in our information on the 6th Biennial.



Sharjah Biennial
Directorate of Arts - Sharjah Art Museum
P.O. Box 19989 Sharjah
United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 - 6 568 5050
Fax: +971 - 6 568 5800

Email: info@sharjahart.org

Website: www.sharjahart.org

© Photos: Binder, Haupt



8th Sharjah Biennial
4 April - 4 June 2007
Photo tour

7th Sharjah Biennial
6 April - 6 June 2005
Photo tour

6th Sharjah Biennial
8 April - 8 May 2003
Extensive tour