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São Paulo Biennial


32nd São Paulo Biennial, 2016

32nd São Paulo Biennial
10 Sept. - 11 Dec. 2016
Curator: Jochen Volz
Co-curators: Lars Bang Larsen, Gabi Ngcobo, Sofía Olascoaga, Júlia Rebouças


São Paulo Biennial

São Paulo - Brazil

Exhibition venue

Exhibition venue


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The São Paulo Biennial was founded in 1951 upon the initiative of industrialist Francisco (Ciccillo) Matarazzo Sobrinho (1898-1977). It is the second oldest art biennial in the world after Venice (in existence since 1895), which serves as its role model.

Its initial aim was to make contemporary art (primarily from Western Europe and the USA) known in Brazil, push the country's access to the current art scene in other metropolis, and establish Sao Paulo itself as an international art center. Naturally, the biennial always serves to bring Brazilian art closer to foreign guests.

Since the 4th edition in 1957, the São Paulo Biennial has been held at the Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo in the Parque do Ibirapuera. The pavilion was designed by a team lead by Oscar Niemeyer and Hélio Uchôa, and provides an exhibition space of 30,000 sqm.

As with its Venetian role model, São Paulo hosts national presentations as well as international exhibitions held under the direction of rotating chief curators.

In addition to the art biennial, an International
Biennial for Architecture and Design has been held since 1973.


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