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8th Istanbul Biennial
20 September - 16 November 2003

Istanbul / 2003 / Photo Tour / Tophane-i Amire


Emily Jacir


Emily Jacir

* 1970, lives in Ramallah (Palestine) and New York




Emily Jacir


Where we come from, 2002-2003

Installation of 32 mounted photos of various sizes,
30 framed texts and 1 DVD

Emily Jacir asked other Palestinians from around the world: "If I could do anything for you, anywhere in Palestine, what would it be?"

She used the "freedom of movement" status provided by her American passport, to realize their desires in their name, for example:

"Drink the water in my parents' village"

"Go to the Israeli post office in Jerusalem and pay my phone bill."

"Go to my mother's grave in Jerusalem on her birthday and place flowers and pray."

In her installation, Jacir documents both the desires and her fulfillment of these requests (some were impossible to fulfill), as well as the destiny and legal status of the people.


Emily Jacir