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8th Istanbul Biennial
20 September - 16 November 2003


8th Istanbul Biennial / Photo Tour

Photo Tour 

Works by 44 participants

8th Istanbul Biennial, 2003

Dan Cameron / press conference

Dan Cameron, press conference

Antrepo Nr. 4
Hagia Sophia Museum

This year’s Istanbul Biennial is held under the artistic direction of Dan Cameron, who has been Senior Curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York since 1995. He invited a total of 85 artists and groups from 42 countries, whose works will be on display at four central exhibition areas (see dates and facts), as well as at various locations in the city.

The theme of the biennial is "Poetic Justice".
A press release by the organizer states:
"In proposing this phrase as the basis for a sustained investigation into the latest developments in contemporary art, the exhibition seeks to articulate an area of creative activity in which the seemingly opposing concepts of poetry and justice are brought into play together. The 8th Istanbul Biennial will raise the questions of 'What is justice? Why has justice emerged today as a question of pressing concern? Is justice possible in today's globalised world?'."

More on this in the concept, which was distributed as a press release.

This year, we have visited the Istanbul Biennial for the first time. In our photo report you will find works by 44 participants.

Please note as well, that we have published photos and information on the venues and about the city of Istanbul.

Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt
Editors of Universes in Universe

20 September -
16 November 2003

Istanbul Foundation for Culture & Arts

Dan Cameron

Dates and facts
Overview of information

List of artists

Theme: Poetic Justice
Press release of the organizer

by Beral Madra



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