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Realidades Virtuales 6 - 10 May 1997, Pabellón Cuba
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Virtual Realities

Although the discussions about cyberspace and the Internet are known in Cuba, personal experience with the new media is lacking. Therefore, it's not hard to understand that the works shown in »Virtual Realities« have first and foremost to do with Cuba itself, or better, with the contrast between appearance and reality in the contemporary sur-reality of the »last bastion of Socialism«. They have to do with a search of meaning, and spiritual as well as material survival strategies in everyday life and in the arts.

The exhibition conforms to the trend of current times: it was built in the form of an art fair, including individual vendors' stands.

Rubén Alpízar
Pedro Alvarez
Abel Barroso
Luis E. Camejo
Omar Copperi
Max Delgado
Osvaldo Díaz
Eduardo Garaicoa
Inés Garrido
Douglas Pérez
Félix E. Pérez (also curator)
Bernardo Prieto
Juan Carlos Rivero
Elio Rodríguez (also curator)
Lazaro Saavedra
Jorge Luis Santana
José A. Toirac

Brochure text:
Janet Batet
Presented by the Asociación »Hermanos Saíz« (Association of Young Artists) with the support of official institutions and sponsors.
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