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Krisna Murti - Statement
Krisna Murti The photo and the text have been sent to us by the artist via e-mail.
Krisna Murti: Losing Face

This work shows images of disorientation and dislocation that symbolize the recent multidimensional - economics, politics, law - national crisis in Indonesia. Walking around in one of Fukuoka city's shopping malls, the subway station and cinema, dressed in a Balinese dancer's costume and wearing a mask, Krisna (performance and video artist) triggers various reactions and responses from the public. With the slow-motion technique and in repeated black and white images, Krisna lets the reactions of frightened, astonished, confused, sturdy and amused people appear on the screen. Krisna himself is never seen from the front, keeping the trigger of people's reactions hidden.

Text from the artist's web site:

Krisna Murti on his work
Edited text from an e-mail to Universes in Universe, December 9th, 2000

"Losing Face" was created in Fukuoka City, Japan, 1999 when I participated in the Artist Exchange Program of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Last month, I continued it in Havana City.

When I perform in public areas (Havana or Fukuoka or any city), my strategy is to invite people to get involved/participate in my work. In the beginning, I make our "frequency of reality" the same. After they feel "sleepy," I bring them into another reality I call "situation." I believe that video is a "representation machine" which is very effective in facilitating their journey into different realities. I just "help" them to experience their journeys, depending on the situation that could have happened.

Technically, I use poetic language in video (as opposed to prosaic), where every image (phrase) has its own metaphors. So, linear narration is not important and the people/audience can be begin with that language.
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