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2nd berlin biennial
20 April - 20 June 2001

Berlin / 2001 / Tour / Postfuhramt

Patricia Piccinini

Patricia Piccinini * 1965 Sierra Leone. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.
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  Truck Babies. 1999
Fiber glass, car enamel, car electro parts, video

"The idea for 'Truck Babies' came to me while on a long trip in the United States... . It wasn't long before I asked the question - where are the trucks' babies and what do they look like?"

"When I went in search of a family for the 'Truck Babies', I found it in Tokyo - in the young street-wise and fashion-conscious teenage techno 'ko-garu' girls. ...In the installation these girls continuously give advice to the fledgling 'Truck Babies' on how to grow up in a world of compromise and still find a kind of integrity for themselves. I guess I am interested in the ethics of consumer culture.

From the catalog text by Patricia Piccinini

Patricia Piccinini