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2nd berlin biennial
20 April - 20 June 2001


Photo Tour through the 2nd berlin biennial, 2001

>> Photo Tour
Works by 30 participants

2nd berlin biennial, 2001






From April 20 until June 20, 2001, the 2nd berlin biennale presents works by 49 artists from 31 countries. On our Tour of the exhibition, we illustrate works by 30 participants in the form of a photo-reportage.

With help of the links in the complete list of artists you can gain a quick overview of who appears in our tour.

Whereas the 1st berlin biennale (1998) concentrated on Berlin, both in regards to theme as well as participants, the 2nd edition is considerably more open. The Dutch curator Saskia Bos selected more international artists, and explicitly strove to bring new viewpoints to the city.

The press release stated the following regarding the curator's intentions:
"Saskia Bos ... orients herself toward the keywords 'connectedness', 'commitment', and 'contribution', which refer to a turning away from self-referential, egocentric approaches in art. In contrast to numerous positions from the 60's and 70's, this exhibition is not about overall societal changes, but rather about 'one to one relationships, about small feasible utopias' (Saskia Bos). For the participating artists, it is 'more important to make reference to something than to express something'. Many of the artists deal critically or humorously with the art system as well."

(From information of the organizer)



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2nd berlin biennial

20 April - 20 June 2001

Saskia Bos

>> List of artists
aprox. 50 participants
from 31 countries

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Gerhard Haupt and Pat Binder, Universes in Universe




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