Text & Subtext: International Contemporary Asian Woman Artists Exhibition

An exhibition catalogue featuring works and texts by the artists.

Curator, editor and translator:
Binghui Huangfu

Editorial assistants:
Ong Lee Lee and Laura A. Taylor

Published by: Earl Lu Gallery
ISBN 981 - 04 - 2717 - 4
Text & Subtext:
Contemporary Art and Asian Woman

A collection of writings by Singaporean and international art historians, critics and academics on contemporary practice and issues such as gender; regional, global and cultural politics; representation of cultural differences; the relevance of differently evolving feminisms; and the making of cultures and subcultures.

Curator, editor:
Binghui Huangfu

Published by: Earl Lu Gallery
ISBN 981 - 04 - 2718 - 2

Some works
© Gerhard Haupt & Pat Binder, 2001

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