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15 June - 2 November 2003

50th Venice Biennial: Indonesia

National presentation at the Palazzo Malipiero. Commissioner: Sumarti Sarwono; curator: Amir Sidharta. Artists:Arahmaiani, Dadang Christanto, Tisna Sanjaya, Made Wianta. Tour of the Biennial by Universes in Universe. [de, en, es]

12 June - 6 November 2005

51th Venice Biennial, 2005: Indonesia

National presentation: Noor Ibrahim, Krisna Murti, Yani Mariani Sastranegara, Entang Wiharso. Commissioner: Sumarti Sarwono. Curator: Dwi Marianto. Tour of the Biennial by Universes in Universe. [de, en, es]


The work of the performance artist in the context of art and politics. Text by Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt, numerous photos. Nafas Art Magazine, August 2003. [ar, de, en]

ARAIart.jp / Performance Festivals in Asia

Website of the Japanese performance artist ARAI Shin-ichi. Lots of information and photos of performance festivals in Asia, specially Japan, China, Indonesia. [en, ja]

Art of Indonesia - articles

Articles about the contemporary visual art of Indonesia, including many photos. Country archive of Nafas Art Magazine. [ar, de, en]

Artists and activists

Some articles about artists and the art scene in Indonesia. In: Inside Indonesia, No. 64, Oct. - Dec. 2000. [en]

Artwork as spiritual nourishment - spiritual fruits

Essay by M. Sulebar Soekarman, Jakarta. Published by Network Indonesia, 3 December 1995. [en]

10 August 2001 - 23 February 2002

AWAS! Recent Art from Indonesia

Painting, installation, photography, video, performance by 14 artists. Touring exhibition, 1999 - 2002: Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Germany. Extensive tour by Universes in Universe, presenting the exhibition in Berlin at the Prüss & Ochs Gallery. [de, en, es]

The Babbling Art

Does art play any role for people? Controversial reflections on the example of Indonesia. By Antariksa. Nafas Art Magazine, September 2007. [ar, de, en]

4 - 8 August 2005

BCNMA: Local Commitment and International Collaboration

Article on the Bandung Center for New Media Arts, Indonesia, and the Third Asia-Europe Art Camp, 2005. By Marie Le Sourd. Nafas Art Magazine, November 2005. [de, en]

Contemporary Art in Indonesia

Weblog on Indonesian contemporary art today: Discourses, exhibitions, news, spaces, etc. Lots of interesting texts, information, images. [en]

Contemporary Indonesian art

Helena Spanjaard reviews the book "Soul, Spirit and Mountain, Preoccupations of Contemporary Indonesian Painters" by Astri Wright, Oxford University Press, 1994. [en]

4 - 23 December 2003

Fixing the Bridge

Cemeti Art Foundation, Indonesia. Workshop on artists' initiatives, with participants from Asia and Europe. Article by Adeline Ooi [en]

G - Curating

Personal weblog of the Indonesian curator Rifky Effendy. His projects, exhibitions, articles. [en]

19 September - 19 November 2006

ICON Retrospective

Jogja Gallery, artists who have made an impact on the arts in Yogyakarta since the 1970s. Review by Carla Bianpoen. Nafas Art Magazine, December 2006. [ar, de, en]

1 December 2004 - 30 January 2005

Identities versus Globalisation?

Several artists from Indonesia in the exhibition of contemporary art from Southeast Asia. Organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, 2004/2005 in Chiang Mai, Bangkok (Thailand) and Berlin (Germany). Photo tour by Universes in Universe. [de, en, es]

Indonesia Contemporary Art Network (iCAN)

Promotes dialogue and collaboration among Indonesia's contemporary visual arts stakeholders. Organizes exhibitions, encourages the development of research and art criticism. [en, id]

27 June - 22 August 2004

Indonesia under Construction

Exhibition by Karel Doing and Lulu Ratna, about the visible and hidden relations between the two countries, Witte de With, Rotterdam. [en, nl]

Indonesian Visual Art Archive - IVAA

Non-profit organization, aims at strengthening the art infrastructure in Indonesia. Documentation, research, library, educational and artistic programs. [en, id]

Indonesian Women Artists

Interview with Carla Bianpoen on her new book "Indonesian Women Artists: The Curtain Opens." By Enin Supriyanto. Nafas Art Magazine, August 2007. [ar, de, en]

28 - 30 April 2004

International Performance Art Festival, Bandung

28 - 30 April 2004 in Bandung, Indonesia. Documentation on the website of the Japanese performance artist ARAI Shin-ichi. [en]

Javafred's Contemporary Indonesian Art

Gary Crabb's website for contemporary Indonesian art. Information, texts and images on numerous artists; articles and essays; addresses of galleries; press releases of exhibitions; links, etc. [en]


Art magazine, published by the artists' initiative "ruangrupa" in Jakarta. [en, id]

Kunst-Forum Deutschland - Indonesien

Website of the Goethe-Institut in Indonesia: Information about the arts in Germany and Indonesia, relations in the field of arts between both countries, support programs, etc. [de]

The Legacy Project: Indonesian Conflict

The Legacy Project aims to build a global exchange reference on the enduring consequences of historical tragedies of the 20th century. Following a brief overview of Indonesian conflict, artworks (mainly by artists of Indonesian descent) are introduced which relate to the events of this period (with images, descriptions, biographies). [en]

Modern and Contemporary Asian Art

Extensive bibliography, mostly of works in European languages, 2003 edition. By John Clark, Department of Art History & Theory, University of Sydney, Australia. [en]

Modern Art in Indonesia

Essay by Sanento Yuliman in: Contemporary Indonesian Art: Painting and Print, a catalog for the exhibition of the same name held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1990, with works by 14 artists from Bandung. Published online by Javafred. [en]

6 - 11 March 2006

The multi-faceted curator

Workshop on curatorial practices in Asia and Europe, Indonesia. Organized by Goethe Institute Jakarta and Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) [en]

Naked truth

Young artists revolt against the political crisis with their own bodies. Article by M Dwi Marianto, in: Inside Indonesia, Oct. - Dec. 2000. [en]

On Appropriation

The Spectrum of Appropriation Practices in Indonesian Contemporary Art. Curatorial introduction by Rifky Effendy on his exhibition project. [en]

1 January - 10 October 1997


Esther de Charon de St. Germain introduces the Indonesian participants of this Dutch-Indonesian exhibition project, which was shown in 1995 at the National Gallery in Jakarta and in 1996 at the Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal. Article in the IIAS Newsletter Online. [en]

27 August - 30 October 1999

Pancaroba Indonesia

27 August - 30 October 1999, Pacific Bridge Contemporary Southeast Asian Art, Oakland, California. Works by 7 Indonesian artists, reflecting the political and social transformations in Indonesia. [en]

25 - 29 April 2007

Perfurbance 3

Art of the Earth and of Graves. About the Performance Art Urban Festival in Gemblangan, Indonesia. By Arahmaiani. Nafas Art Magazine, July 2007. [ar, de, en]

30 September - 20 November 2005

Politics of Fun

Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia. House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany, 2005. Curators: Gridthiya Gaweewong, Ong Keng Sen. [de, en, es]

Quo Vadis Balinese Painting

Jean Couteau analyzes Balinese painting from the first 80 years of the 20th century. Published in Bali Echo, June/July 1999. [en]

Readings in Modern & Contemporary Indonesian Art

Essays and reviews, compiled in Javafred's Contemporary Indonesian Art. [en]

Report from Indonesia / On Their Own Terms

An analysis of the relationship between Indonesian artists and the international art world, by Claire Wolf Krantz, published in Art in America, July 1996. [en]


Artists' group and alternative art space in Jakarta. Interview with the director Ade Darmawan. By Hendro Wiyanto. Nafas Art Magazine, October 2005. [ar, de, en]

8 January - 20 March 2005

Taboo and Transgression

Contemporary Indonesian Art, Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA. Curator: Amanda Katherine Rath. Nafas Art Magazine, March 2005. [ar, de, en]

1 September - 12 November 2006

Telah Terbit (Out Now)

South East Asian art practices during the 1970s.. Singapore Art Museum. 1 Sept. - 12 Nov. 2006. Curator: Ahmad Mashadi. Tour of the exhibition by Universes in Universe. [de, en, es]

Tolerating the Intolerant

Interview with Jim Supangkat about the CP Biennale 2005, and the protest of the FPI. By Hendro Wiyanto. Nafas Art Magazine, November 2005. [ar, de, en]

1 January 1997 - 10 December 1998

Traditions / Tensions: Contemporary Art in Asia

October 1996 - January 1997, organized by the Asia Society, New York, simultaneously at the Asia Society, the Grey Art Gallery of New York University, the Queens Museum of Art. 27 artists from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand. Curator: Apinan Poshyananda (Thailand). After NY presented in other countries. [en]