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Asian Historical Architecture

Photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage with background information and virtual tours, published by Tim Ciccone, Abe Ahn, and team. [en]

Balinese Painting and Technology: New influences, traditional inspiration

James Waldron interviewed artists, curators at local museums and gallerists, trying to find out the extent to which the increased use of computers will lead to changes in Ubud's artistic community. [en]

The Borobudur Temple

Largest Buddhist monument in the world, completed in 830 A.D. in Central Java. Information and some images, published by the Directorate General of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. [en]

Candi Prambanan

The temple of Prambanan reflects the harmonious co-existence between Hindu, Buddhist, and Javanese culture which flourished in the 9th century A.D. in Central Java. [en]

Chandi Borobudur. A Monument of Mankind

Download version of the book by Dr. Soekmono covering the history, meaning, and salvation of Borobudur. The Unesco Press, Paris, 1976. [en]

A Glimpse of Temples in Indonesia

Introductory articles with pictures of the most famous Indonesian temples. Published by the Directorate General of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. [en]

Into the Art of Borneo: The Kenyah-Kayan Tradition

Article on the culture and artistic forms of expression of the Kenyah and Kayan peoples and related groups in the interior of Borneo. By Eric Kjellgren, in: Tribalarts, Vol: 4/ Summer/Autumn1999. [en]

Memories of Majapahit Kingdom

Extensive introduction to the history and culture of the Majapahit kingdom, which existed in Java from the late 13th until the early 16th century, at the end of Indonesia's "classical age". Published by Eastjava.com, with numerous illustrations. [en]

World Art Treasures: Indonesia

Slide collection of the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation. See also: Quick survey of the collection (access from the start page). [en]

World Heritage Tour: Southeast Asia

360-degree images (Quicktime) and maps of sites registred on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Section of Southeast Asia. [en]