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Luis Camnitzer:   Letter from Porto Alegre

1st Mercosur Biennial
( I )
Despite the many pronouncements about the anachronism and possible demise of biennials, these artistic events seem to be mushrooming everywhere. Korea and South Africa have already staged for their second edition; Turkey seems to be in good health and Cuba - perhaps suffering from a passing fatigue - has now acquired the standing of its counterparts at Venice and São Paulo, which remain impervious to the apocalyptic prophecies. The density of the panorama is even greater if we take into account the plethora of art fairs, which are no longer limited to just business, but include theoretical seminars and round tables amongst their activities to bolster their credibility as genuine cultural enterprises.

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Luis Camnitzer: Uruguayan artist. Lecturer at the Department of Visual Arts of New York State University, College at Old Westbury.

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